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Looking for: MGB Roadster
Chrome bumper era in red or green preferably. Do not mind a bit of work but not a full restoration project. Cash buyer, Buckinghamshire area or a little further. MGCC member. Phone Malcolm Osborne 01494 758651 or email

Looking for: MG TA or TC
I have been searching for a TA or TC for some time now, have attended shows, bought magazine etc. and so far I have not found the right car for me. I was a TC owner back in 1967 but I had to sell the car to buy my first house after getting married.
I am also the proud owner of a beautiful MGA and my life would be complete if I could find a beautiful, well loved and cared for TA or TC.
For the car I have a warm garage with a de-humidifier and for the owner I have some readies. If any one in the club would like to sell me their TA or TC please call me on 07919 618998 or drop me an e-mail to

Looking for: MGB GT V8
MGB-GT factory V-8, condition 1 or 2 only. I will be visiting the London area September 1st-10th. Email description with photos, brief history, and price. Car will be exported to USA. Email Terry at

Looking for: MGB GT V8
I’m looking for a good, clean factory-built car (conversions considered also), mechanically sound but work needed. It doesn’t have to be “mint” and can be a little “rough around the edges” or in need of TLC. Contact John on 07795 337 335 or email

Looking for: MGB Roadster
We are looking for a condition 2 or 3 MGB Roadster from the last of the chrome bumper era, preferably restored to original specification. We will be using the car for our Lands End to John O’Groats by B-Road adventure in 2011 ( and who knows thereafter. CAR FOUND

Looking for: MGA Coupé
Warm dry garage awaits red or white, wire wheeled MGA Coupe in restored condition. Must be in good driveable condition with MOT. I am based in Reading but am prepared to travel for right car. I have sold my classic of 27 years so am a cash buyer. MGCC member. CAR FOUND

Looking for: MGA Roadster
Must be 1600 Mk1 or Twin Cam, RHD, white or black with wire wheels preferably. Do not mind a bit of work, but not a full restoration project, or it could be fully restored. I have a TC that I could do a deal with if interested. I am in the Lincoln area but will obviously travel for the right car. CAR FOUND

Looking for: MG TC or TD
I’m looking for a TC or TD in good drivable condition with MOT so I can drive it home. It will benefit from further TLC to restore it further over time. As original as possible and ideally the car has been a long time with the present owner. I have just sold my previous car so am a cash buyer for the right car. Lovely garage with de-humidifier waiting. CAR FOUND

Looking for: MGB GT V8 (Factory car)
Having had to sell my V8 3 years ago I’ve decided I can’t live without one so I’m looking for a replacement. I need a good clean factory-built car (no conversions please!), mechanically sound, and preferably with plenty of road tax and MOT. Originality is quite important to me, especially when it comes to the V8 wheels, which should be in good condition The car needs to be somewhere in the south of England. CAR FOUND

Looking for: Y-Type
I have been looking seriously for an MG Y Type in excellent or good condition and to the original specification for several months, so far without success, although I have looked at a couple. The car must have current MOT so that I can drive it home. Originality is more important to me than outright condition. A car needing some restoration or repair work would be acceptable, subject to the price. Preferably, the car should be located in southern England, but I will consider a good car located anywhere in the UK. A fair price up to £9000 is available for the right car, consistent with its condition, although it will have to be near perfect for the maximum. CAR FOUND